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4yr old Dog Bite

At a family get-together a 4-year-old boy was bitten by a Staffordshire bull terrier in the back of the head and on the tip of his finger, which had to be grafted back on after being severed by the dog.

Dog Bite

Six-year-old Lucas Nicolas did not know that his fear of dogs would be realized while riding his bicycle nearby his family at a park. While riding, a 6-month-old puppy aggressively jumped on Lucas, knocking him off of his bike and biting him in the face, collarbone, and hand

Slip & Fall

On June 11, 2018, 78-year-old Mary Wobschall went to a Driver’s Motor Vehicle place (DMV) in Wisconsin to renew her license. A DMV worker required her to walk across a room without her cane.

Expenses of Speeding

Speeding fits into a wide net of dangerous driving behaviors including aggressive driving, tailgating, weaving through heavy traffic, distracted and inattentive driving, drowsy driving, red light running, and failure to yield to right of way (Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019).

Dangers of Speeding

Many of us are guilty of speeding a little to get to a destination faster, not realizing that “just going 5 mph over the speed limit puts drivers, their passengers and everyone else on the road at a greater risk of a serious crash”.

Car Accidents & Process When Attorney Attained

Heavy traffic causes less space for vehicles to maneuver and with frustration rising, as everyone is trying to reach a certain destination, the risk of having an auto accident increases.


In place of using one’s insurance to attain medical attention, lien doctors are becoming a more prominent option for those who have incurred personal injuries via auto accidents.

Teen Driver

While Buss Law specializes in car accidents, personal injury, and speeding and traffic tickets, the greater number of cases involve car accidents and personal injury. The majority of individuals in all of these topics are teenagers aged 16-19. Teens lack…


The best way to not become distracted while driving is to avoid distractions. Although the purpose of the It Can Wait movement was to “reduce the number of automobile crashes caused by texting while driving and spur advocacy to show…

Texting and Driving

Regarding inattentive driving, Wisconsin legislature states that “no person while driving a motor vehicle may be engaged or occupied with an activity, other than driving the vehicle, that interferes or reasonably appears to interfere with the person’s ability to drive…